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Senior Design Team sdmay22-30 • Hardware and Software Prototyping of 5G-and-Beyond Wireless Systems and Rural Broadband

Team: sdmay22-30
Advisor: Hongwei Zhang
Team Email:

Project Synposis:
Our project is based around the setting up of User Equipment enclosures for the ARA Wirless network and prepare them for deployment at a later date. Our main goal during the first semester is to get research done on 5G as well as start desinging and prototyping an enclosure that will encase the User Equipment components. The UE components involve several radios such as the B210, X410, and mMIMO Skylark, other components involved include an amplifier and a small form factor computer.

During the second semester, our vision is turned towards the software side of the UE enclosure. We will be deploying srsRAN (open source 5G portocol suite) onto the UE enclosures and verifying that the UE can communicate to the base stations that will be located around Ames. Once connectivity is verified, we will focus on implementing algorithms to better improve this protocol suite in an effort to improve reliability and connectivity.